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06 February 2013
Posted 20:00 by Les
Breakfast Television visited us last November to celebrate Indy's release to blu-ray. Here's Part 1 of the video showcasing Drew and Jeremy's time spent at Ravenwood...


08 April 2012
Posted 08:00 by Les
Sorry for the updates to this page - they seem to get put everywhere BUT here! Be sure to check out our Facebook page for up-to-date entries..

The newly renovated arcade area with the two new fruit machines from the UK -


27 May 2009
Posted 08:00 by Les
I'm happy to unveil the RAVENWOOD museum dedicated to all things Indiana Jones!

Construction began in October 2006 and was completed some 10 months later. It measures approx. 25 x 44 feet with a ceiling height of almost 10 feet

It has 2 bay windows that overlook the 8-acres it is located on. The museum currently houses over 5,000 Indiana Jones collectibles from around the Globe.

As you enter the building you are greeted by some familiar insects -

Note the crates in the rear - who knows what they contain ;)

Next as you climb to the 2nd floor you will pass the gift shop (everytime a tour comes through we always had 'complaints' that they couldn't leave with any Indy stuff) - so we added a place where new and old fans could leave with something in everyones budget - $1 - $100. Kids (10 and under) always receive free gifts.


The museum is actually a self-contained building within a building. So a set of double-doors await those brave enough to enter!



Note all the bubble-wrapped items on the floor - that was the life-size Indiana Jones statue that was created for promtional use in Germany for the DVD release. All those parts will assemble to create this awesome find.


Here is a better shot of what you'll see as you enter the doors -

This is a shot of the statue just after it was assembled and placed on it's base -

Although they were not allowed to use Harrison Ford's likeness I still think this is very cool (constructed entirely of fibreglass). It weighs approx. 70 lbs.





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