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I will post items I have been fortunate enough to obtain that were either (a) never made or (b) the concept art/item is different from the final product.

08 October 2006
UPDATED Newly discovered - Icons also did an Idol prop replica. Click here for the full story.

30 July 2006
We've all been asking for (licensed) Indy prop replicas for years. And every year nothing materializes. If only we'd known how close they were. Newly discovered - Icons did a proposal to Lucasfilm back in 1996. Click here for the full story.



15 July 2006
Two standee proposals submitted to Lucasfilm; one as a sample of the counter display used in France to promote the scratch-and-win lottery tickets. I've included this here as I have no idea whether these were ever put into production.





The other a mock-up of a proposed standee for the release of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles to VHS. It also cleverly morphed Young Indy into adult Indy and vice-versa depending on which angle it was viewed.

21 May 2006
This is an update that will long be remembered and talked about! Nick has acquired an amazing Galoob Micromachines unproduced playset. Not the plans - tha actual set! Nick adds "This item was a ONE off prototype that was presented to Galoob toy company a number of years ago. It has a number of action features - when you press the Rock, the Tanker car flips. The Golden Idol triggers a falling wall and much more".

23 April 2006
A detailed scan of an undated presentation sheet supplied to Lucasfilm for art approval for a proposed line of clothing.

15 April 2006
Here's another scan of one of the (undated) photographic proof sheets supplied to Lucasfilm for art approval for the Pinball Adventure.


07 April 2006
Since I've had so many requests for more sample art for the Williams Pinball Adventure... here's a scan of one of the photographic proof sheets supplied to Lucasfilm for art approval. Note the filled in speaker grills. Enjoy!

18 March 2006
Let's travel back to 1991... non-sport trading cards were huge and everything was licensed to become a set of cards. So of course we'd need educational, fun cards from Pro Set for THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES. But would you like to see original art used to create those cards? How about the concepts for the box and packages? Well, look no further....

05 March 2006
Everyone remember the tin cards produced for STAR WARS by Metallic Impressions in the early 1990's? Bet you didn't know that they proposed doing a set for Indiana Jones! A mock-up of a circular tin with 3 cards was submitted by their marketing department to Lucasfilm. After that - they had 'top men' looking after it. :)


01 March 2006
An undated color LFL approval sheet of the Doug Watson artwork for the Williams Pinball Adventure. Can you spot any differences?


26 February 2006
An undated color LFL approval sheet for a proposed T-Shirt for the Disney parks?


19 February 2006
Today's submission is from Japan. I do not know much about this piece except that it was a proposal to Lucasfilm to produce a line of clothing in Japan. If anyone can offer me the translation I'd be greatful.

UPDATED: Jimmie H. writes in to translate -

Tsumura Impulse high price permium plan
* Made from leather
* Indy Jones' Leather Jacket and Hat
(under jacket left side)
*Indy's Leather Jacket and Hat replica to wear

*Front patch, Back print,
Intended for older people (IE not a toy)

(Next to hat) Made from wool"

15 February 2006
Back in early 2003, Paramount and Lucasfilm were trying to decide how best to release the very anticipated 'other' Trilogy. The DVD market was maturing and people expected more than just the 'base' films.

Several mock ups were done that basically resemble the final release. But what most people have never seen is the proposed box set - THE LIMITED EDITION DVD COLLECTION .

THE LIMITED EDITION DVD COLLECTION set was to have come in a large format tan box that contained 2 expansive trade paperback books about the making of the INDIANA JONES Trilogy. The DVD's would have been in a gift box that come out of the tan box by pulling on a black strap. A music CD was to be included that contained the best of the John Williams scores.

Although the idea never progressed past the mock-up stage, there is still hope. With the release of a fourth film combined with material that was removed from the late 2003 release (deleted scenes, making of TV specials, etc) there is more than enough to still move ahead with this cool set!



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