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Icons IDOL prototype

In 1995 Icons prepared to secure an Indiana Jones license. It seemed a natural property to base Film replicas on historic icons.

During Icons first trip to Skywalker Ranch in 1995 to conduct extensive product development in the famous LucasFilm Archives warehouse, detailed photographs and video were taken from the Indiana Jones Trilogy.

The RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK "Fertility Goddess Idol" prop replica is a gorgeous, unknown generation casting, taken directly from the screen-used original. This piece was finished and spray painted metallic gold as a study model and for discussion purposes with LucasFilm Ltd. It was cast, prepped and painted in 1995 for submittal to LucasFilm Ltd. as possible licensed product by Icons Authentic Replicas. Icons was slated to assume all licensing rights to the Indiana Jones films in the Prop, Miniature replica category, by LucasFilm Ltd.

Also created was a framed display measuring 18 1/2" wide by 28 1/2" high, featuring 2 matted pieces of original pencil, ink and color marker hand-drawn product concept artwork, each measuring 11" by 14" rendered by the acclaimed film production illustrator, Daren Dochterman (check credits at who was also a major contributor to Icons vision and branding.

The Idol is accompanied by an LOA on Icons original corporate letterhead hand-signed by its former CEO / President in the year 2000.

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