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27 October 2008
Posted 20:30 by Les
Uncle Milton Industries, famous for the Original Ant Farm® and other innovative, award-winning science and nature-related products, is lifting the veil of secrecy on a new line of educational adventure products based on the immensely popular Indiana Jones movies.

Indiana Jones Giant RC Ant
In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indy faces many dangers, not the least of which is a swarm of huge, deadly ants. Now you can control a giant ant complete with realistic jaw chomping mandibles! Use the Crystal Skull remote to send your ant scurrying across the floor. It's ultra-creepy and sure to scare family and friends.
Ages: 6 and up SRP: $29.99

Indiana Jones Lost City Archeology Dig
Join Indiana Jones on an adventure as you dig, discover and document priceless artifacts and treasure. As you unlock the mysteries of the Mayan themed dig site, an exciting secret will be revealed! Ages: 8 and up SRP: $29.99

Indiana Jones Room Booby Trap
Defend your room against nosey friends and little brothers with an exciting, playful set of booby traps inspired by the Indiana Jones movie series! Learn about the science of gears and levers! Ages: 8 and up SRP: $39.99

Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Adventure Projector
Watch as the Crystal Skull projects amazing images from its glowing eye. Professor Jones will be your tour guide as you visit exciting archeological discoveries of the world and famous scenes from the Indiana Jones movies.
Ages: 8 and up SRP: $39.99

Look for these awesome educational toys available at Toys R Us, Amazon, Target and eToys.




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