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- Paul Shipper -


A little info about Paul Shipper...illustrator
I have been drawing my whole life. Art is my life!
Over the years I have drawn and painted many things. As you can see below, I'm a bit of an Indiana Jones Fan. This is a passion of mine as I simply love movies...including the art related to movies, be it the pre-production work that goes on, through to the final ad campaign. One artist in particular, Drew Struzan has inspired me throughout my life and still does to this day. The man is a living legend.

I am a working illustrator and portrait artist. Current clients include: Penguin Books NY, Time Inc., Condé Naste, ITV, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Relix, Weekly Reader.

You can visit Paul's e-store/gallery here. And remember - there is ONLY one original. So decide quickly if you've already fallen in love with one of his pieces!

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