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16 August 2015
Posted 19:30 by Les

I’ve been home from Terrificon (formerly Connecticut Comiconn at Mohegan Sun) for just over a day when I realized that I needed to share the adventure with our readers. Because I can promise you that when you are done reading you will want to have your own.

A little background is required to fully appreciate my story. TerrificCon is run by Mitchell Hallock (of IndyCast fame). He began it some years back and it has continued to grow and prosper each year. Mitch made the brave jump to a huge new venue this year- the Mohegan Sun casino just outside Hartford.

Mohegan Sun is an amazing facility. It is huge, has free parking and Wifi, and offers an incredible selection of shop and restaurants. Oh – and it has a cazillion slot machines, etc if gambling is your thing. Everything about my stay there was top notch – from check-in to entertainment to eating. Two thumbs up from this happy traveler.

I arrived Thursday, checked in and went to find Mitch to introduce myself. While we’ve been pen pals (and travel in the same Indiana Jones circles) we’ve never met in person. I found him in the main room coordinating the set-up and dealer move in. I’ve done more than my fair share of these shows and was immediately impressed with organization and professionalism of both Mitch and his wife Sharon.

As I walked around helping out where I could I took the opportunity to eavesdrop on dealers as they set-up their booths. And do you know what I heard? Praise. And lots of it. Lots of comments about Mitch’s ethic, the amazing venue, how well they were going to do. And the few that had small problems? More praise as to how they knew Mitch would make it right. That Mitch’s shows were a must-do. You can’t go wrong doing a Mitch Hallock show.

terrificonBased on that I was glad I helped Mitch secure Ke Quan (Indiana Jones, The Goonies) as a guest. Ke had asked me if it was a show he should do (and trust). And although I had never met Mitch Hallock I did have his reputation to go by. And so I had answered yes. I never regretted it.

I volunteered to join the team and spent the next day and a half helping out. And the best part? I was made to feel part of the family. Mitch, Sharon, their sons and all their friends made it one of the most memorable and enjoyable conventions I’ve ever attended. The vibe is incredibly wholesome and welcoming. Everyone (and there were a LOT of people on sold-out Saturday) was having fun. If things weren’t running smoothly I (and the general public) never knew it. Because it was like visiting Disneyland – you had no idea where the magic was coming from (or how) but it was great to be surrounded & embraced by it.

Thank you Mitch and Sharon for allowing me to be part of your magic if only for 2 days. And to you my readers – do yourself a favor and plan to visit Connecticut this time next year and take in the magic that is Mitch Hallock’s Terrificon


27 July 2015
Posted 07:30 by Les
Indy-Cast Episode #215 is available for your listening pleasure.

In this bite-sized edition of the IndyCast, rumours surface of an Indy teaser before The Force Awakens, they check out a unique Indy fan-film, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock returns to talk Short Round, Double T's is back with another Grail Chronicles review and they have more of your great emails.

Click here to download the latest episode.

20 July 2015
Posted 20:30 by Les
Acme Archives unveiled four new Indiana Jones gorgeous prints last week at San Diego Comic Con...and I hear there may be more in the not-to-distant future.
Pop on over to Acme Archives to take a gander (and to place your order).

25 May 2015
Posted 00:45 by Les
I'd like to post a Happy Anniversary to my very good friends Michael & Lisa-Marie Wistock on this occasion of their 13th Wedding Anniversary.

Here's wishing them a great day and many years filled with love and joy (and lots of toys).


Indy Cast logo06 April 2015
Posted 07:30 by Les
Indy-Cast Episode #209 is available for your listening pleasure.

This week, Harrison Ford is released from hospital, his new movie gets a trailer, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock is back, Joe and Keith return with the Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, we get a teaser for the next John Williams Special and they have more of your great emails.

Click here to download the latest episode.


30 March 2015
Posted 20:30 by Les
Connecticutt ComicConn is thrilled to welcome to his 3rd ever convention appearance, KE HUY QUAN! Fans know him as "Short Round", Indiana Jones sidekick in adventure who braved the evil of the "Temple of Doom" in the 1984 George Lucas/ Steven Spielberg classic adventure film. Then in 1985 he returned to the big screen in the Richard Donner classic modern day treasure hunt film - "The Goonies" where he played the inventor - Data!

Please welcome Ke this August 14-16 at the Mohegan Sun Convention Center. Tickets are on sale now - be sure to book your room at the Sun or other area hotels for a SUPER weekend!


More about Ke Huy Quan . . .Quan was born in Saigon, South Vietnam. He was forced to leave his country when the Army of the Republic of Vietnam was defeated during the Fall of Saigon. His family was selected for political asylum and immigrated to the United States. He became a child actor and, at age 12, starred as Harrison Ford's sidekick Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

In 1986, he appeared in the Japanese movie "Passengers" (Norimono) with the Japanese idol singer Honda Minako. He played Sam on the short-lived TV series Together We Stand (1986–1987) and played Jasper Kwong in the sitcom Head of the Class from 1989 to 1991. He also starred in the movies The Goonies (1985) and Breathing Fire (1991) and had a cameo in Encino Man (1992). He last appeared onscreen in the 2002 Chinese movie Second Time Around alongside Ekin Cheng and Cecilia Cheung.


Indy Cast logo23 March 2015
Posted 07:30 by Les
Indy-Cast Episode #208 is available for your listening pleasure.

This episode Stephen Hall gives us an update on Harrison’s lucky escape, we get more new Indy merchandise news plus get a diary of a stuntman, a new Harrison Ford movie debuts next month, Double T’s joins them for another review segment and they have more of your great voice and emails.

Click here to download the latest episode.


Indy Cast logo09 March 2015
Posted 07:30 by Les
Indy-Cast Episode #207 is available for your listening pleasure.

This week Harrison Ford is injured in a plane crash, Indy celebrates a milestone at Disneyland, the Raiders guys hit SXSW, they cast their eyes on some new Indy merchandise, Official IndyCast correspondent Mitch Hallock returns looking at the Ford finger, Double T’s reviews Indy’s first adventure and they have more of your great emails.

Click here to download the latest episode.


03 March 2015
Posted 20:30 by Les
FRAUD Alert -
Be careful ordering from ... I ordered 3 shirts in mid-November as holiday gifts; they have constantly written (after chasing them) to say they are having supplier issues, etc... now when I right them saying 3 months is long enough and I'd like my money refunded they go all quiet. I wrote Paypal who, of course, answered with too much time has passed.

Please repost and warn off others if you've also had similar experience.


Indymag215 January 2015
Posted 23:30 by Les
Indymag is a monthly magazine with the aim of sharing a bit of Indy love by taking an irreverent look at the world of Indiana Jones. Along the way they hope their little magazine will raise a few chuckles and, by default, bestow some actual facts.

This magazine was created for fans by fans and is nothing more than a labor of love for everyone involved. The ultimate success of this magazine depends on fans, you - yes, you! - to be an active part of helping them create content for the magazine.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as they welcome everyone to participate no matter how small or inconsequential.


10 January 2015
Posted 11:30 by Les ever.
Trap Map

Available at; limited edition of 75, 'Trap Map' by Anthony Petrie. $40 plus shipping.


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