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26 May 2006
Here are scans of the many awesome goodies available for the Temple of the Crystal Skull attraction at Disneyland Tokyo (courtesy of Sascha Krasny)

  • "Easy plastic model" Temple of the Crystal Skull truck, crystal skull and floor
  • C-3PO biplane
  • Candy box with blue transparent skull lid
  • Cookie box "truck" with white and brown chocolate cookies
  • Notebook
  • Pouch
  • Cellphone strap and keychain



  • Clear file "Mickey"
  • Clear file "Temple of the Crystal Skull"
  • Pencil board "Temple of the Crystal Skull"
  • "Temple of the Crystal Skull" glow in the dark sticker
  • Lost River Delta postcard
  • Temple of the Crystal Skull photo postcard
  • Tokyo DisneySea park postcard
  • "Temple of the Crystal Skull" shaped postcard
  • "Temple of the Crystal Skull" logo postcard
  • Tokyo DisneySea park painted postcard


  • blue with snakes
  • red with gecko
  • brown with "Temple of the Crystal Skull" design






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